Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist Jacob Jones Wasn’t Cute, He Was Cringeworthy

I’m not normally one to dish the dirt on people, but today, Jacob Jones, you have fallen victim to my wrath.

If you’ve watched Britain’s Got Talent 2019, you will be familiar with Jacob Jones, the barber from Surrey, who sang his way into our hearts with his own rendition of Joe Cocker’s “You Are Beautiful To Me”. Shortly after his audition, Jacob proposed to his girlfriend, Faye.

On the one hand, this was a touching moment that has never been done before. On the other, it was awkward.

As a married woman who has been proposed to not less than 3 times (by 3 different men, don’t worry, I don’t make him work THAT hard!), I realise that for many women, being called up on stage in front of a crowded audience and 4 world famous judges is daunting. To then be proposed to really puts you on the spot. This is a life changing decision which (hopefully) will positively influence Faye’s life for many years to come, that is not a decision she should be forced to make in front of a few-thousand strong live audience.

When Jacob reached the semi-finals, he took it one step further by anouncing his fiancée’s pregnancy to the nation, including their unsuspecting parents. He also waddled into the audience as he crooned out Van Morrison’s “Have I Told You Lately”. By that point I was, quite honestly, a little bit sick in my mouth.

To her credit, Amanda Holden said what we were probably all thinking when she told Jacob that “I think this has become more about the story of your love and not actually what the song is about.”, for which she was booed. For Jacob and Faye, that was where their dreams of performing at the London Variety Act ended, as the pair were sent back to Surrey later in the evening.

Sorry, Jacob, but Britain’s Got Talent is not like Superbowl. You certainly won’t win any Brownie points for proposing live on stage, nor will you reach the finals for announcing your ability to copulate.

I can see Britain’s Got Talent 2020 packing some interesting surprises and changes. For one, after Simon’s walk-out during Jimmy Tamley’s semi-final act, I can see it not being permissable to call judges up to participate in acts unless they explicitly and personally volunteer. I can also see the producers closing down on proposals and family announcements after Jacob Jones’ overkill.

Britain’s Got Talent should be treated a little bit like your cousin’s wedding. If you wouldn’t mention it then, don’t mention it on the stage, either.

I’m not completely heartless, and I do wish Jacob and Faye all the very best for their future together with their young family, but I’m afraid to say that Jacob’s proposal is not one that many women would want.

Guys, if you’re considering popping the big question, please spare a thought for the comfort of your girl. For many, many women, a proposal in front of a huge audience isn’t cute, it is our biggest nightmare.

Consider that she might not like the ring, consider that she might not want to get engaged yet, consider that she may not be sure if you are the one or if she is ready to settle down and get married. These are all situations you throw you girl into, long before you even say “I do”. It’s a thousand times harder for the girl to give you an answer when hundreds or thousands of people are watching, and it’s even more crushing for you if or when she does run off.

A marriage is not about the world, it is about two people facing the world. Share your story, but keep the more special moments to yourselves.


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