I’m back!

Hello everyone,

It’s been some time since I wrote here at Here It From Helen. I suppose with life and all that life is, sometimes, keeping on top of a blog is the last thing you want to do. I suppose also, if a blogger is going to be hand on heart honest, then I ran out of things to write about, too.

Have no fear!

My husband and I have been reviewing pubs in & around Bristol and we will be sharing them with you here, We also review new and exciting products (including the new Google Nest Mini) so you will find that here, too. I am going to try my utmost to keep at being a good, sensible and reliable blogger and to keep delivering exciting and interesting things for you.

I promise!

In my time away, I came to realise that there were two big blogging faux pas that I was making. First of all, I don’t need to blog every day. Quite often, if I blog often enough (as I was doing on my sister site), I will have visitors, anyway. It’s not how often you blog, it’s that you make it worth the visiting!

I also came to realise that is not about the length (of the blog post 😉 ), but how interesting and exciting it is. 4,000 words does not necessarily make it worth the read!

So, I have a new dishwasher in situ and I am back to write, support, connect and create. Who knows where this chapter will lead?

I will be copying over my reviews in the next few days. I’m sat in what feels like a Royal Mail sorting office as we speak, so do please have a little patience.

Oh, and if you want us to review something, do drop me a message – we’ll love ya for it! 😉

Over and out for now,

A refreshed, rejuvenated and rekindled Helen


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