Pub Reviews: The Inn On The Green, Bristol


The Inn On The Green, 2 Filton Road, Horfield, Bristol. BS7 0PA

The Inn On The Green prides itself on being a warm and friendly pub with plenty of laughter in a relaxed, dog-friendly atmosphere. Situated on Horfield Common, this establishment appears popular with the locals, especially for some after-match drinks for the local football teams. There is a car park on site and a heated “Outdoor Pool” pool table, with “Pool Rules” to give you a chuckle while you play.

Price Range: £££

Matt ordered: Pork & Leek Sausage, Cheddar Champ Mash & Gravy

I ordered: Beef Burger in a Brioche Bun with Cheese, Relish, Salad, Tomato, Pickles, Gherkins, Coleslaw & Chips

The Food:


When you pay £22.50 for two main course meals in a pub, you expect decent quality and yet sadly, decent quality was something we didn’t get. I’d read quite a few reviews prior to our outing in which other reviewers had rated the food “weird”, “low-quality” and “overpriced”, I only wish I’d listened to them first.

The menu itself was limited to not more than about 20 items listen on half a dozen pieces of crumpled paper on a clipboard and and many of the “normal” pub favourites weren’t present. This establishment calls itself a gastropub, and the menu and prices reflect that. The language used suggests a fine dining experience, and yet sadly the kitchen fails to deliver.

Although the cheddar Champs mash was regarded as “tasty”, the sausages were described as tasteless and the crisps did not add anything to the dish. The gravy was thick and overpowering and there was nothing by way of any other vegetables to accompany his meal. Not a great start.

For me, the beefburger was described as “a service short of a cremation”. Once you get past the burnt flavour, the beefburger had little to no flavour at at all. The relish was very vinegary and the chips were so salty that I had to tap them on the plate to shake some of the salt off. The coleslaw was nice and creamy though and I enjoyed it with my salt-removed chips.

Unfortunately, we arrived a bit later than we had planned so we didn’t have time to order dessert. With that said, we did look at the options available and couldn’t find anything that we would have been tempted to order even if we did have the time.

For an establishment priding itself on good food, the food here were very limited and the food itself wasn’t so good at all. Definitely not worth waiting for.

The Service


Service in The Inn On The Green was friendly at the bar, but the kitchen service was rather slow. When Matt ordered his meal, the bar staff did a away with any technical terms and simply asked for clarification that he wanted “sausage and mash”, which doesn’t indicate pride in the staff. From ordering, it took about 20 minutes for our food to arrive, which is a bit slow, according to the veteran server that I married. Friendly enough, but a little too relaxed to be running the kind of establishment that they claim to provide.

The Atmosphere


We arrived at The Inn On The Green via the beer garden and I have to say, what a beautiful beer garden they have! The seating areas are lit up by uplighters and there is an “Outdoor Pool” pool table tucked away in the corner with dog “beer” taps (water) alongside, so your canine companion can choose from Woof It Down, The Dog’s Grog or Paw A Pint. A nice creative touch, for sure!

My only criticism of the beer garden is that there are no lights where the steps are. From a health and safety perspective, then at night time, it is rather dangerous.

Inside, I was really charmed by the warm and cosy glow from the overhanging cluster bulb lights. There are coin walls with 2p coins which add a rustic golden glow to the establishment, however, I soon realised that there are numerous walls like this, and there were tables too. Rather than being a feature piece, the whole pub begins to feel like it is made from pennies! It’s a nice bit of character, but heavily overdone.

The pub itself is very noisy and it was hard for Matt and myself to talk. There was a rowdy group of footballers behind us and I heard them swear loudly several times. Most of the patrons wear hoodies or sports clothes, which doesn’t really lend itself to the kind of setting that this establishment tries to be. I even apologised to Matt for making him wear a shirt!

Some of the furniture was badly damaged and needed urgently replacing and there was messes left on the floor and tables. There was also toilet paper on the floor outside the ladies’ which had been dragged out onto the restaurant floor. After using the facilities, I was extremely disappointed to discover that there was no running hot water in the ladies’ toilets, which forced me to remove one star. I don’t think I’ve ever been out for a meal and not washed my hands after using the toilet. I actually felt humiliated while I sat in my chair!


I really wanted to like this pub, and I think Matt wanted to, too. The images we’d seen on Google and Facebook pointed to a sense of humour that was right up our street, but sadly it just wasn’t for us. The food was disappointing and the atmosphere was one of, if not the noisiest pub that we have rated so far.

That dogs are so welcome and celebrated here is a wonderful thing and there is also a huge selection of beers and ales available on tap. This establishment definitely has great potential as a standard pub, but sadly I feel the menu choices they offer is perhaps a step too far.

If you’re a young person looking for somewhere for a gathering with friends for drinks, then perhaps this is the place. If you’re looking for good food and a relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere, I would perhaps suggest you look elsewhere.

Overall, a pleasant enough night out but not somewhere we are likely to return to, or recommend. Three stars.

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