I Am Enough. You Are Enough, Too

Not so long ago I found myself in a complete funk over something a friend said.

I’m sure, absolutely convinced in fact, that the friend meant no harm in what he said, but nonetheless, I was in a funk about it.

He told me that I needed to blog more often if I wanted to earn from my blog.


As it was, I had written only two days before. Secondly,:-

  • 7th March, my Dad died
  • 3rd April was his funeral
  • In between those two dates I was tasked with a lot of preparation work for the funeral
  • On 24th April I contracted a spring cold from my husband and was bedbound for a week with dizziness, headaches and sinus pain

So forgive me if my output had been limited to maybe.. two posts.

At first, this comment made me feel like perhaps I shouldn’t be blogging. I felt like all of the people who told me that I have a captivating writing style were wrong. I felt like the very thing that I so enjoyed, I should just… stop. Give up, pack up and go back to working the vacuum. I felt like I had nothing interesting to say, nothing to add, nothing
worthwhile writing about. A bit of an overreaction? Maybe, but that was how I felt.

I got really down on myself that evening and my husband found me, sat on the bed and balling a tissue in my hand, pressing away the tears.

“You don’t believe you’re enough and you really should.”

That was my husband’s advice, to me, someone who writes about mental health!

I don’t think I’m enough, you don’t think you’re enough, we all don’t think we’re enough, and you know why? Because society tells us that we aren’t enough.

How many of these can you relate with?

  • Not smart enough
  • Not attractive enough
  • Not thin enough
  • Not funny enough
  • Don’t work hard enough
  • Not cool enough

And more..

Sometimes these comments are recent, or sometimes, like for me, they happen in childhood and take years of dedication and hard work to get rid of.

So let me tell you something, let me tell you something that the devil on your shoulder doesn’t want you to hear.



Please don’t change a thing about you!

If you want to lose weight or go back to school, do it for your own goals, do it for something or somewhere that you want to be, to further your career or be able to run in a marathon. Do not EVER do it because you don’t believe that you are enough.

Because somewhere out there, someone is doing exactly the same thing to themselves, wishing that they were more like you.

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