Products Review: Twinings Superblends, Imperial Leather Unicorn Bath Foam & Neutrogena Ageless Boost Face Mask

Hello Lovelies,

I’m back today with another product review for four very different products. When I received my Tesco shop this morning, this little #EveryLittleHelps goody bag was plonked on top with four products inside to try.

The beautiful thing about this little gift bag is that it feels like it’s aimed at mental health and relaxation. With #EveryLittleHelps printed on both sides, it feels like this little bag is aimed at supporting the stressed out Mum’s & Dad’s that shop in-store and online. Parent or not, even if you shop online, home ownership (which involves putting the groceries away!) can be challenging, tiring and stressful. The text on the back of the paper bag promotes relaxation, using the products inside.

Opening the bag, there were 4 products inside, two of which, really, are aimed at women and so I decided I didn’t really need Matt to review the products with me. There is the Imperial Leather Unicorn Marsh Mallow Foamburst body wash, Neutrogena Ageless Boost hydrogel recovery mask and two Twinings tea bags – Calm & Glow. There are also two leaflets for discounted offers on three of the products inside, and a discount code on the back of the bag for the fourth.

Neutrogena Ageless Boost Face Mask


This is the only product I didn’t review, purely because, to be honest, I’m only 31 and I stay young and youthful with a party-free, laugh-hard lifestyle alone. Ageless at my age is probably baby-faced, and that just makes things weird. It’s fun to squish for stress relief, but realistically speaking, it’ll probably land up on Freegle.

Twinings Superblend Tea – Glow

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The next product to fall victim to my scrutiny was the Twinings Glow – a infusion of strawberry, cucumber, green tea and aloe vera. Brewed with water from a jug of not-quite-hot water, this tea filled my kitchen with an aroma of succulent and juicy strawberries. 4 minutes later (though they suggest three) and my tea was ready.

I have to be honest, it only tasted very slightly of strawberry. I noticed under the new Twinings Superblends they had a Detox option, which made me wonder if they’d had a problem with mislabelling because that’s all this tasted to me – clean, fresh and healthy. If I was into detoxifying teas, then I’m sure this would be perfect. Alas, I’m not into detox teas.

Twinings Superblend Tea – Calm

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you had heard all of the ooh’s and ahh’s emanating from my bedroom this morning, you would have thought something was goin’ on. What really happened was that I’d brewed my Twinings Calm tea bag using more not-quite-hot water (I learned this trick from a tea master in Padstow). This tea was strikingly similar to my much-loved Teapigs vanilla chai tea and I could feel the calm and tranquillity course down my veins and into my fingertips, which has me making all kinds of perverted and audible noises. It’s more like a chai than chamomile tea, but with the added calm and clarity of chamomile instead- highly recommended!

Imperial Leather Foamburst Marsh Mallow Luxurious Body Wash

Rating: 2 out of 5.

The little girl in me squealed with excitement when I saw this product (because like, unicorns, duh). When something speaks of unicorns and unicorn magic, we instinctively expect that promised ‘unicorn magic’, but y’know what I got with this product? A big, fat, nothing, just excessively sweet-smelling shaving foam, and that’s disappointing. I hoped that when I added water, the foam would change colour – it didn’t. Maybe there would be glitter? No glitter. There’s an absolute nada to give you any experience, presence or idea of unicorns, other than the packaging. It smells excessively sweet, like faux strawberry and feels like nothing more “luxurious” than any other bog standard shaving foam. This, too, will probably end up on Freegle.

So there you have it! If you’re in the UK, I strongly advise you to check out Twinings new Superblend teas. For unicorn poop-powered shaving experiences? Well, maybe don’t bother 😉

Over and out of here for now, folks!

Stay safe and stay well,

Helen xx

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