I Kind Of Exploded..

Hey guys,

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll notice that I posted this morning about having some big news. Well.. my big news is this..

Last night, I posted a photo of the bee badges I made for my father’s funeral so that a SLOWLY pen pal of mine could see them. I have to be honest, when I made them, I didn’t really think too much about things like copyright. I was deep in grief, aware that we had a bee-themed funeral coming up and desperate to make sure the funeral went as smoothly as possible. Some people hadn’t been able to source bee-themed merch to wear, and that was a problem.

So I decided hey, maybe I could craft something?

And craft something I did.

Naturally, as one does when you have a small scale, non-profit goal like a funeral, I didn’t think too much about whipping something off of Google. I’m no artist and time was most certainly not on my side, so in this situation, breaking the rules sort of seemed like an okay option.

I was honest that it wasn’t my own artwork. Any time someone asked, I was clear that I’d only assembled them so that nobody was without a bee. A handful of gold coloured badge backs, a few sheets of print outs, a bottle of Mod Podge and some considerable time later, I finally had sixty handmade badges.

And they were popular. Very popular.

Far from nobody being able to wear a bee. By the end of the service, everyone was wearing a bee! I was happy, and proud. I did my beekeeper Dad proud.

But then it started off as a small request. People wanted to buy my badges. Aware of laws, I had to decline, but they could have them for free in memory of my father. After all, his funeral was why they were made.

So last night, when I got a message from Diane at KeepTheBee.com in response to my photograph, I was nothing short of amazed.

She wasn’t angry over my creation. In fact, from my handiwork, she wanted me to represent their brand on my blog in return for some publicity of my own!

I didn’t realise it before, but I’ve actually purchased some of KeepTheBee.com’s amazing merch already. Here I am modelling the cool leather bracelet I bought for my tomboyish days!

So stylish!

Bee conservatism is so vitally important and it’s the hardwork and dedication of people like KeepTheBee who help to keep them alive. Don’t forget, if the bees die, we die, so give them a visit and help support a good cause!

You can visit the shop here for great discounts AND free worldwide shipping, only available for the next 24 hours!

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