It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas..

Hello Lovelies,

Finally it’s time for my Fun On Friday post, and what a week it’s been! All those little starts and touches that make the festivities.. well., festive!

This week started off with a bit of a chuckle for me. First of all, space in our flat is limited, so we decided on a “Nordic” Christmas tree with a 3ft Christmas tree on the shelf unit. It seems simple enough, right? Well..

For one, the Nordic tree is really a wire sculpture with a tape wrap around and three foot tree was clearly made on a 2:! scale. One doesn’t accept returns and the other isn’t worth it, so we decided to push on,

The first course of action was to try and make the wire sculpture look a little bit more real. Not to be outdone, I spent some time dilligently hanging baubles on the ‘branches’ and securing them with a spot of PVA glue. I think it worked?

The min tree itself was wrapped in some battery-powered fairy lights and shoved, admittedly unceremoniously, in the bedroom window. The window faces the street, so I suppose it’ll add some festive cheer, even if not much.

I’ve decided not to be a complete Scrooge and realised that maybe my minimalist Christmas just wasn’t meant to happen. Admitting defeat, I ordered a 3ft tree from a reputable seller, whereby I know what I’ll be getting myself into.

Below is the festive memorial wreath that I made. I’m actually quite proud of it, I think it looks good. It was a bit fiddly to assemble, but I think it’s paid off. It still chokes me up to see ‘Dad’ on there though. I’m not ready, but then, I suppose you never are.

Tomorrow we’re off to the German Christmas market. I can’t say that I’m not a little bit excited, it’s something of a tradition. We starve ourselves beforehand, then eat so much considerably unhealthy food while we’re there. It’s a once a year treat and even if I do spend a few days feeling considerably bloated afterwards, I’ve still got all of next year to work it off 😉

Over and out until next time, folks.

Enjoy the weekend!

Helen xx