How My Ring Doorbell Saved Christmas

This GIF is footage taken from my own doorbell camera at about 9:35pm last night. Had it not been for the Ring doorbell, who knows what could have happened? This chap quite clearly fancied himself access to our keysafe before he caught sight of the camera. We were quite happily snuggled up and watching a movie when our visitor turned up so he would have been in for a surprise if he’d broken in anyway, but what if we weren’t home? I shudder to think.

One of the biggest problems that people face with technology is that it costs money, The Ring doorbell alone cost me £230 with an additional £2 per month for the file storage. £24 a year to keep my home safe is nothing.

The sad fact is, around this time of year, crime rates increase. Even more damning is that an estimated 14% of British people do not have any form of security in their home. With homes typically full of all kinds of expensive presents at Christmastime, chancing criminals will try their luck for easy cash. Unfortunately for this little would-be thief, what he probably thought was an old person’s home was actually a flat with smart technology and hooked up to do all kinds of things by two rather smart, young people who just happen to have a pot of begonias in the front garden. A costly mistake to make which will hopefully make him reconsider his chosen career!

Today, I’ve been coping with the aftermath of this incident. Even if nothing bad did happen (and the fast-footed felon most definitely did think twice before attempting to break in!), the feeling still stands that somebody thought about breaking into my home. Somebody thought he had a right to enter our home, without our permission.

This is our home.

Even if he didn’t try the keysafe and most certainly didn’t try the door, in an odd way, I still feel violated and threatened. It wasn’t the fact he did, it was the fact he thought about doing it. What wrong did we ever do to him? We’ve had enough to deal with this year after losing my Dad, so why us?

Already today I have received a Philips Hue motion sensor and I have some strip lights on order which I plan to run across the top of my front door, illuminating the step and anyone who steps on or close to it. It’s set me back an extra £110, but £110 is nothing compared to the cost of replacing laptops and the TV. Who knows? He could have been the type to see little Hugo as a great target for a fighting practice dog, too? That’s one of my greatest fears, the fact that someone could ever take my little dog away from me.

This afternoon, I’ve also splashed £250 on the ring alarm system. It might seem like an overreaction, but nothing really is an overreaction in order to feel safe and protect my family and our belongings. The value of the average burgulary is nearly £,2000, and yet it’s cost me little over a quarter of that to protect my home and family. To some people, it’s a lot of money. To me, no amount of money is too much if the response is proportionate. The police have been informed and I’m waiting for either a callback or a visit from them. Again, unfortunately for this would-be thief, I have a great relationship with the police and I will do everything that I can to make sure he is arrested and brought to justice.

Please, please don’t buy cheap and think that an Ebay knock-off will ever be good enough. We bought a cheap “Ding doorbell” from Ebay and it didn’t offer half of the security that Ring does. It took a picture if someone rang the doorbell, but it didn’t tell is if someone walked by the door or connect with other technology. Ring does both. You pay more, but you get more with it.

I haven’t really reviewed Ring before, and yet, I sort of feel like this clip speaks for itself. They work, they deter crime, and as far as I’m concerned, these doorbells are now worth every penny. Don’t be a victim, please invest in a smart doorbell and protect your home today.

Do you live in Bristol?

This man fancied his chances in the Southmead area. Please stay safe and keep watch out for any suspicious activity!

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