My New Favourite Primers: Pour Blur & Colour Correct From Revolution London

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It’s not everyday you’d expect to find make-up reviews on my blog and yet, these two little primers have deservedly made it through!

I have to be honest, when I went shopping for a primer, brands wasn’t really something that I had in mind too much. I went into Superdrug, and I knew that if nothing else, Superdrug’s own (if they even did such a thing) would probably be fairly reputable. Being a bit of a bare-faced babe most days, Revolution London wasn’t a make-up brand I’d heard of before.

Now, the backstory goes like this – I have awful face skin. Awful! It’s not only me, it runs in my family. The only time I’m not having breakouts all over the place is when I’m far, far away from all the pollutants that come with living in Bristol. Even if I’m not developing full-blown cystic acne comedones, I at least have red patches that threaten to turn into mugshot melodramas – not pretty.

When I saw the Revolution London primers, I just sort of thought about the issues that I have to fix. The redness, which I knew I could counteract with a green primer, and large pores on my cheeks and forehead. So when I saw ‘Pore Blur’ I thought hey, “that’s probably going to do the trick!”

The first thing to know about these products are that they are cruelty-free and vegan, and they should get massive Kudos for that! Secondly, priced at £6 for 28ml, I really couldn’t complain. A little goes a long way with these products and even after more than 2 months of semi-frequent use, I still have loads of both tubes left! I also couldn’t detect a fragrance, which is probably also good for those of us with sensitive skin, like myself.

For me, if I can get my redness under control then anything else is just a bonus. I’ve tried all kinds of concealers and colour correctors, including Physician’s Formula, but all without much luck. Time and time again, the product is usually too dry and crumbly or too thick and sticks into pores. I’ve tried powders and creams and time and time again, in one way or another, the redness always shows through. The Colour Correct formula feels more like a cream foundation, but the green blends in well and really does hide the redness. It also doesn’t leave a greenish hue that you then need to try and hide, either. Overall, a very impressive product.

When it comes to pores, I have some deep pits on my forehead from my teenage years with cystic acne. I had a pimple on my forehead which I managed to bash with a cupboard door, inflamed it and turned it into a large, angry cyst. When it popped, it left a large (at least, to be on my face!) pitted scar. Although it’s never really given me too much bother, normally primer products sit in it and don’t really give me the smooth skin that they’re meant to, so I was curious to see if Pore Blur could hide things.

It did!

The Pore Blur formula is a lot thicker than the Colour Correct cream and it dries into a smooth, silky base almost instantly. Again, it leaves no residual colour and it really did hide my imperfections. Amazing!

Overall, both of these products are every bit worth the £6 each that I paid for them. They’ve completely changed my relationship with make-up and I now have so much faith in them that I actually feel confident about applying products to my face. They clean up easily and there is no residue left behind. Definitely a very worthy 5 stars!

Revolution London’s Colour Correct & Pore Blur are available from Superdrug, £6 each

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