Product Review: Amos Eezy-Dry Electric Clothes Dryer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Do you remember that saying we used to use back in the 90’s, “if you love something so much, why don’t you marry it?”. I wish I could! I would be Mrs Eezy-Dry for life!

About 6 months ago, the dryer component of our Beko washer-dryer (which is now just a washer-washer) packed up. We were stuck with just two options: Replace the machine, or find an alternative to dry our clothes.

As the washing machine was a gift from my late father and was only about three years old, I was reluctant to part with it quite just yet. The only option I had then was to invest in a way to dry my clothes, particularly in the winter months.

My first attempt at drying clothes was with those airers that you hang over the radiator. They’re okay, but you can’t get a lot on them and I nearly always had them on the lounge radiator, drying out our socks and smalls. I needed something else, something different. Something that would conceal things from view and dry them in no time, something like the JML Dri-Buddi.

I suggested the Dri-Buddi to my Mum (who insisted on helping us!) and she refused. It was expensive, she said. Instead, she suggested the Amos Eezy-Dry. I didn’t want it at first, owing to it’s generous size. I pushed on anyway in the end and now I’m so glad that I did.

The Eezy-Dry is constructed from plastic and metal brackets, with metal poles that go between. There is a durable cover that goes over the top with 6 vents and the top that allow the hot, moist air through. Although it was a little tricky, it took me about 20 minutes to assemble overall. Once you get over having to kind of climb into the dryer in order to be able to fit the cover, it’s not too difficult at all. The cover feels like it should break with enough impact, and yet it’s experienced quite some trauma without any damage. A pole fell out and bounced off of the cover without breaking, the dog charged into it.. The Amos Eezy-Dry stood strong and carried on drying my clothes. Colour me impressed.

One of my biggest concerns with the Eezy-Dry is it’s size. Our flat is quite small, and let it squashes up surprisingly flat. With a simple grab-and-lift at the sides, the Eezy-Dry folds to about 6 inches thick and slots in the cupboard perfectly. When fully opened, it measures approximately 140 x 80 x 45cm and comes on castors, making it easy to move around and position wherever you want it.

The only slightly frustrating thing is the fan unit. Each time you use your Eezy-Dry, you need to slip the fan unit back in and lock it into position. With that said, don’t allow that to put you off as it takes only seconds to do and you could always leave the unit up if you have the space to do so. With the fan unit in position, you can use the handy dandy remote control to power on the Eezy-Dry and increase the timer in twenty-minute increments from eighty minutes (I don’t quite get this) to three hours. When tested for volume compared to a standard hair dryer, the Eezy Dry is also a lot quieter. In fact, the warmth and white noise from it has sent me off to sleep while I’ve been writing, several times!

Now, if we’re going to talk about the best selling points of the Amos Eezy-Dry then it’s energy efficiency is definitely something to talk about. As another test, I compared the energy usage from using my Amos Eezy-Dry vs boiling a kettle., which I sort of imagined would use about the same amount of energy. With the Eezy-Dry (and a few lights on, so that I could see!), the needle rested comfortably at 0.05Kw/h. When I boiled the kettle, the needle jumped up to 0.09Kw/h. Not only is the Eezy-Dry quiet, it’s incredibly energy efficient, too!

For me, perhaps the biggest love of all for this machine comes in waving goodbye to the ironing. The Eezy-Dry comes with 8 bars for you to hang smaller items on, and hanging space for about 20 hangers* (they say 25, but we did find that overcrowds slightly). Being able to hang my husband’s work shirts up while they dry means the creases fall out as the garment dries, et voila! No more ironing!

For a large family, you may require several runs, but for two of us the Eezy-Dry is ideal. I do the laundry twice per week and I find two cycles each time at about 100 minutes gets everything washed and dried. For couples and students, the Amos Eezy-Dry is convenient, economical and affordable. Definitely worth the 5 stars!

*You need to use plastic plastic hangers, as hangers with metal parts can burn or melt the cover.

Amos Eezy Dry is available from Amazon, £69.99

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