A Sobering Thought

Good afternoon lovelies,

As you may have noticed, on my blog, I do reviews. All of the products I mention and places I’ve been are products I’ve bought or places that I’ve been to. I would not, ever, review or recommend something that I myself have not tried.

Which is why this article really worried me.

The fact that these celebrities and social media influencers could be paid to recommend a product that they themselves have not tried or investigated is incredibly dangerous. The fact that they even advertised the fact that the ‘drink’ (albeit not real) contains hydrogen cyanide without knowing what said chemical does, is even more so.

Is that what blogging and social media has come to? Is that what’s required to go big? Potentially poisoning and killing people?

That’s sick.

It’s beyond fucked up that people will willingly be paid to put people’s lives at risk. I’m not saying all, because I’m sure some people really do make a concerted effort not to mislead their audience, but if fame means putting people in danger, then I’m out.

I may not be famous now, but if being even remotely famous means I risk killing people, then I never want to be famous. Ever.

It’s incomprensible that these people who are supposed to care about and love their followers are by definition the same people who will lead them, potentially, to their deaths.

And because of what? Money.

We all, bloggers, social media influencers, Youtubers and anyone else I’ve not mentioned, we all need to work as a collective to make sure that our audiences are never, ever put at risk of death or serious harm because of our actions. Could you live with yourself, knowing that one of the people who followed you died because of your misinformed promotion?

I know I couldn’t.

Please, I beg of you today, please think of every one of your fans and followers. We owe it to them to review a product and investigate it in full before we promote it. Lets do our homework and keep our fans and followers safe, before we accidentally promote a product containing hydrogen cyanide for real.

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