I Quit Twitter: 6 Reasons Why

Good afternoon lovelies,

On Thursday, I made the decision to delete my Twitter account. I’ve never really liked the social media platform, but looking back, there are a number of reasons that led to my decision. Today, I wanted to share with you six of the reasons that I quit Twitter, and perhaps give you some insight as to why you might want to, too.

  1. Twitter encourages arguments

Let’s be real here, people. Opinions on Twitter are diverse and they’re nearly always related to the news, or politics. For nearly every news article, there are those who are for, and those who are against. Twitter allows us to post our opinion, and then be subjected to backlash. On Thursday, I posted my views following the Maya Forstater case. Even if my views aren’t the same as Maya’s (though aren’t enirely left-leaning, either). I still faced immense backlash. Twitter should be called Bicker where I’m concerned, because that’s all that people on the platform seem to do. Healthy opinion and debate falls by the wayside, and who is right and who is wrong is really a matter of who can sling mud the hardest. That’s not how we need to resolve our differences.

2. Hashtags

Oh my goodness, hashtags are tbe bane of my existence. What you think is (or should be) a hashtag isn’t. and hashtags require you to be on trend. I don’t have time for that! On WordPress, you just punch in a few tags that are relevant to your post and hey presto, people can find it. That’s great! That works! Some of the tag words (like ‘writing’ or ‘cooking’, for example) have been around for decades! They aren’t trending, they are actually things that are people are into or curious about, so it works!

3. The 280 character limit

Speaking of limitations, the 280 character limit. How can you express yourself in merely 280 characters?! If it’s something as important as politics, no comprehensible person with the ability to make an impression on the world can do so when they are limited to 280 characters. Even a certain controversial 45th President of the United States of America is known for using ‘1/2’ and ‘2/2’ in order to be able to make up enough characters to say what he wants to say. If he can’t manage it in one single Tweet, nor can anyone else.

4. Twitter is not as popular as Facebook

Try as hard as it does, Twitter simply is not as popular as Facebook. According to CEO World Magazine, Facebook averages 2.23 billion monthly users, with Facebook-owned Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram coming in at 1.5 billon, 1.3 billion and 1.3 billion, respectively. Not even ranking it into the top 10 most commonly used social media platforms, is Twitter, which comes in twelfth with 326 million. If you want to be heard and seen, it seems, Facebook really is the place you need to be.

5. Nobody actually cares about your Tweet

You’d think that, with 326 million monthly users, at least somebody would like your Tweet. Unfortunately, of the two times I’ve used Twitter for good (once to try to reunite a lost dog, and once to prevent crime in my area), not one person hearted my Tweet. Unless your opposing an opinion or giving people something or someone to fight against, Twitter users just don’t seem to care. What’s important and worth sharing to you just isn’t important and worth reading to anyone else, which begs the question: Why bother?

6. Never really bothered with it, anyway

That’s the simple truth, readers, I’ve just never really bothered with Twitter. I believe and feel that, for my blog, I’ve kind of spread myself a little bit too thin for all things social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram works well for me because I can share on my page (on Facebook) and share pictures of my little dog on Instagram, whom you all seem to love. Twitter has just never really seemed to serve me much purpose, other that to incite drama, which I’ve already had more than enough of.

Over to you, what are your thoughts on Twitter, are you for it, or against it?

Stay well, everyone!

Helen xx


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