Christmas Antics (Some Festive Humour!)

Good evening lovelies,

Normally, I try not to blog on weekends. However, I’m finding quite quickly that blogging on weekends is just something that I seem to do! I knew that if I slept on these antics until tomorrow, I would have forgotten them completely. I hope that they make you smile and my silly nature helps to spread some Christmas cheer!

This evening, Matt told me about Iceland’s previously existing product,”Christmas tree flavour Crisps”. Immediately, that encouraged a slur of wintery puns from me.

Me: They WOODEN be something I’d try but I suppose if they’re nice then you’ll be PINE-ing for more!
Matt: Please stop..
Me: I suppose they might SPRUCE up your Christmas party but if you eat too many then you’ll be feeling EVERGREEN! 😂
Matt: Stop..
Me: Okay, okay.. I get it.. I’ll stop NEEDLE-ing you with my jokes..
Matt: For fuck’s sake..
Me: I suppose they have been pretty BAUBLE..

Happy Winter Solstice, Everyone!

Helen xx

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