Helen’s Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide To.. New Year’s Eve

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Hello Lovelies,

If you’re anything like me, you hate New Year’s Eve, It’s supposed to be a good time, a happy time, and yet, you hate it.

For me, New Year’s Eve is always full of several kinds of anxiety. First of all, there’s anticipatory anxiety – What will happen at midnight? Where will I be? What will I be doing? What if I don’t have a drink to toast? What if I really, really need the toilet and the I’m glued to the loo when the clock strikes midnight? What if my husband is and I have nobody to kiss? All kinds of wonderful thoughts and feelings.

Then there is hypochondria when the bell tolls midnight – How do I feel? What do I feel? Do I feel differently? Will I still be here next New Year’s Eve? I don’t feel anything, who even am I? Am I dying, or fading into non-existence?

Then comes the noise intolerance – The fireworks! Oh god, the fireworks! Why are they so LOUD?! This isn’t a celebration, this is a bunch of drunken idiots in a frickin’ warzone. I’m three martinis away from believing it, which would result in a full-blown panic attack. Nothing about this is fun!

Finally, there is the social anxiety. If you’re like me then you love hugs, on YOUR terms! When said bunch of drunken idiots (who we call ‘family and friends’ on the remaining 364 days of the year) grab at you for that all-important hug and kiss, you feel nothing short of violated. Wet, drunken kisses on your cheeks from 3 aunts and half of your street is never a comfortable feeling. You never think to stop for a selfie, but now everyone you know wants one so they can post it on Instagram.

The worst of all is the New Year’s Eve party invite, Dear god, the party invite. Being stranded the other side of town with a bunch of people who I mostly don’t know and far, far away from my comfortable bed is not a Happy New Year!

Yeah, I hate New Year’s Eve. Maybe you love it, or maybe, like me, you don’t.

This year, I made a promise to myself that I will treat myself with loving kindness. I know what your thinking, but loving kindness doesn’t mean we go out and hug trees. Loving kindness means allowing yourself to have and to do the things that you like, and you love to do. With that in mind, here are some of my favourites.

  1. Eat The Foods That You Enjoy

You’ve promised yourself that you’ll start a new diet in the new year, and that’s great, but one last bit of self indulgence won’t hurt. You don’t need to plan a four-course dinner with more calories than days that you’ve been alive, a sirloin steak and with homestyle chunky chips and peas won’t kill you.

2. On A Similar Note, Eat Foods That Nourish You

Pizza, chicken nuggets and a pint of Coca Cola may be all too tempting, but they won’t leave you feeling good. HSPs are sensitive to sugar highs and lows, so be sure to eat something that won’t make your blood sugars go crazy. Lean protein and wholesome carbohydrates are a good choice, especially if you’re drinking.

3. Drink As Much As You Want To Drink

I don’t get along well with alcohol, that’s the sad truth. I don’t like the dizzy feeling and it does nothing good with my anxiety. If you don’t like alcohol, don’t drink it! If you only want a little bit, that’s cool too! Anybody who forces you to drink is not your friend.

4. Don’t Go If You Don’t Want To

One of the most surprising things I’v learned this year is how many people hate New Year’s Eve. If you hate it that much, why go to your friend’s party? A good friend will understand. Offer to catch up in the New Year once it’s all over instead.

5. Tune in, Tune out

Hate fireworks? Me too. So how about tuning them all out? Nobody says you have to stay up and watch or listen to the fireworks, so draw the curtains, pop in some eatphones and listen to your favourite music, I really love Skullcandy Jibs In-Ear Headphones for their amazing soundproof seal.

6. New Year, New You

We all say it, don’t we? But why not start the new year with a good old pamper session? If a party isn’t your thing, why not pamper instead? Have a soak with some lovely scented bath oils, or try one of my favourite meditations and imagine the old you rinsing away while you shower.

7. Two’s Company, Three’s A Crowd

Maybe you want to celebrate with someone, but you find parties really, really intimidating? Why not celebrate with just one or two close people? Nobody says you haven’t celebrated New Year’s Eve unless you went to the biggest party in town, and even with only one other person, you can still party on down.

8. Party For Pets

Why does your company need to be human? If you have a dog or cat who hates fireworks, you have the ultimate excuse. Draw the curtains, play some loud music (to drown out the fireworks) and party on! Remember, there are fireworks outside anyway, so your neighbour’s probably won’t be sleeping.

9. Not Here New Year’s

One of the best and greatest ideas I heard of this year came from Matt’s former line manager. She has two adorable Jack Russells (I’ve met them) who hate fireworks, so every New Year’s they make for a pet-friendly coastal getaway. It’s an expensive solution, but if antics at home are really that noisy and scary, why not escape from it for a few days?

10. Busy Doing Nothing, Sleeping The New Year Through

Last on my list is sort of what I plan to be doing. If you’re a go-getter like I am, then you love nothing more than an excuse to get some good ol’ fashioned sleep! If you hate New Year’s Eve that much, why not do what thousands of working individuals will be doing and swapping the hors d’ouvres for eight hours? Nobody says you have to be up partying..

Don’t forget, some people really do want to party and so if your family or friends want to celebrate, please don’t guilt them into going party-free 🙂

Whatever you get up to, I hope you have a lovely evening!

Helen xx

2 thoughts on “Helen’s Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide To.. New Year’s Eve

  1. Penny Berry says:

    Oh my goodness, thank you for writing this post!! As a fellow HSP, New Year’s can be really difficult for me too. I’m definitely going to heed your advice and have a large salad full of supergreens tonight to calm my nerves (as I have no doubt there will be firecrackers galore going off around here lol). Sending you all HUGE hugs as we march into 2020! *squeezes* Happy New Year’s, my friend! xx


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