Product Of The Week: Greetings Cards From Cheeky Zebra!

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how cute this card is? And how darn adorable the packaging is?

I ordered this card for my brother after he passed his driving test. It’s nothing much, I just bought him a cute little card and keyring to say “no really, well done”. My intention was simple enough, acknowledge him and his achievements, show some humility (because I don’t drive) and then I don’t hope that I don’t have to hear about it for too much longer. Having been forced to offer up a time when I might consider risking my life for control of a vehicle, it was as much g about acknowledging his successes as it was about being able to move on. If I at least played nice, I hoped, then I could ease off the pressure on me. Call it tactical gift-giving.

There.. I said it.

When this orange envelope came through the door, I initially thought it was some sort of junk mail. You would! Anything bold and designed to draw your attention is usually junk, so I just sort of assumed it was. Until I saw the two cute little hearts either side of my name..

What the.. personalised junk mail?!

Obviously, I’m not going to give you my address (my mail cage can only handle so much fan mail 😉 ) but check out the artwork. This is a seller who is really proud of their business!

Inside was the cellophane-wrapped card and a little flyer explaining a little about Sasha, the founder of Cheeky Zebra. I’m totally digging the passion, the honesty and the humour. People of passion and kindness need to clump together to rub out all of the hatred in this world, and humour is a great antidote!

I also love that Sasha has committed herself to cards for the “not-so-shiny” times, because Sasha is absolutely right, Hallmark really doesn’t cut it! In fact, I know there was a time I was looking for a a sorrowful card in Hallmark and I know that nothing really felt “right”. Hallmark takes itself very seriously, and sometimes you need a little bit of cheering up – just a teeny little bit! A quick visit to Cheeky Zebra’s website and I noted that Sasha also has some cards dedicated to mental health, rather than just grief and loss. Kudos to that one! She’s stepped into a domain that few retailers are willing to go into.

The card range is a teeny bit on the small side, but that’s totally understandable, it’s a small business with huge potential that deserves all of the support and love it can get. The cards are a little cheaper than the biggest rivals and Cheeky Zebra has it’s own quirky, fun and simplistic style which a majority or the big names don’t have! The free postage is a bonus and the passion of the company is something that the big names miss out on!

So if you fancy picking yourself up a greetings card for less than £4, head on over to and take a good look at their fun and exciting range!

Until next time, keep smiling!

Helen xx

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