A Thankyou To Technology Bloggers

I just wanted to write a short post as a huge THANKYOU to technology bloggers.

I finally made the painful realisation today that my beloved Samsung S7 really needs to be replaced. The software is old, the USB port no longer works and it’s been used so much that there is a faint remainder of the keyboard on the screen, even when it’s not technically in use. It’ll still work in a pinch, but it’s time to accept that it’s probably had it’s day.

I have to admit, when it comes to technology, I’m about as knowledgeable as a newborn baby trying to swim the English Channel. I’m good with many things, but technology isn’t one of them.

So when I eyed up the phones-within-my-budget on Argos, I narrowly settled for the Samsung A20E. Thanks to Sammobile’s review, I narrowly avoided that mistake. I told you- I’m not tech savvy!

So I settled on the Samsung A40 instead.

I know it’s not top of the range but, at a sizeable £220 I decided that it’s within my price range. It has the camera which a blogger and ASMRtist really needs (I’m parting with my Canon EOS D2000, but that’s a whole other story). It has a good battery life and so that’s all I really need. It’s also about the same size as my old trusty S7, so that works our fine for me. I also decided that a £200 spend was the first time I’d ever had a major phone splurge, so needs must.

Thanks to technology bloggers, I’ve also learned how to connect my Blue Yeti microphone (I love that thing!) to what will be my new camera/smartphone and that I can use Apple products with Android. With that in mind, I cut out needless expensive cables and hubs and got myself an Apple mini USB C – to- USB female adapter for £19. From there, I should be able to open up the camera, record some wonderful ASMR (or the dog) et voila! I’m onto making content.

Blogging is great and there are so many wonderful people out there. Unfortunately, not all of us know everything and there are all areas in which we depend on each other. I may have a good grasp of mental health and housework, but it’s taken me more than two hours to understand all the different types of USB cable.

Over and out until next time, folks!

Helen xx

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